A Message From Sabrina: Giving Back

Raymond Hayes of Caputo Excavating works on the parking lot of the Catskill Veterans' Outreach Center

Raymond Hayes of Caputo Excavating working on the parking lot of the Catskill Veterans' Outreach Center


The Man Behind The Machines

Ray loves to do for the community. He’s the guy who always stops when someone is broke down; and if somebody does not have the monetary means to fix something, he finds the way to get it done. His fund-raising auto races and driveway giveaways are always from his heart, and passion to make a difference.

When we met, Ray was a single dad raising his son to provide him with the best life he could. One of his greatest joys raising “L’il Ray” was sharing his knowledge of auto mechanics and body work and teaching Ray Jr.’s friends how to ride ATVs, horses and snowmobiles. (He really has a soft spot for children, entertaining the littles while mom is getting her hair done in my salon.) Ray is a super hard worker, he does not take days off, if he does the “work police” will come and get him! LOL!

“The shelves will be stocked for months!” - Reverend Laura Miller

In August 2020, somebody robbed the St. Paul’s Church Food Pantry in Bloomville, a neighboring town. As Ray was driving past, he noticed a group of elderly people and mothers with babies just gathered outside the church, looking confused and upset.

He pulled over to find out what happened. Reverend Laura Miller explained they had been robbed of all the food, toiletries and supplies, and whoever did this also broke into the office and stole all the church funds. He said, “I will be right back”. He drove to the bank, got a cashier’s check and returned to the church with a generous gift to help them get restarted.

The Caputo Team

This is just one of many stories I could share with you about Ray and me, and our core values that drive our business every step of the way. We all stick together, it’s our “country life” motto! We are both committed to serving our community in any way possible. That same dedication extends to the entire Caputo Team, inspiring each of us to deliver that same level of integrity and love into every project.

We look forward to caring for your needs and helping you enjoy life here in the beautiful Catskill Mountains! — Sabrina Caputo

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